Provincial Business Programs
Provincial Business Programs are part of the Provincial Nominee Program. Each provinces has its own criteria and requirements. If you would like to learn more about the Provincial Business Programs and see if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada under these programs please complete our free assessment and we will help you determine your eligibility. 


Federal Business Programs
Start-up Visa: Immigrate by starting a business and creating jobs
  • Letter of support by the designated angel investor group or venture capital fund or business incubator
  • Minimum financial commitment of $200,000 from venture capital fund or $75,000 from angel investor or acceptance into a business incubator program
  • Language requirements of CLB 5+ in English or French
  • Proof of sufficient settlement funds
  • Up to 5 applicants for a business: each holding at least 10% of the voting rights and jointly hold 50% of voting rights
Immigrant Investor: Immigrate by investing in the Canadian Economy
  • $10 million net worth (no inheritance or real-estate)
  • $2 million non-guaranteed investment for 15 years
  • Language proficiency of CLB 5
  • Canadian post-secondary credential or equivalent foreign education (minimum 12 months of study)
Self-Employed: Immigrate as a self-employed in cultural or athletic activities, or as a farmer
  • Two 1 year periods of full-time work experience in an eligible role in the last 5 years before the application

  • Self-employed in an eligible occupation or involved in an eligible occupation at a world class level or combination

  • Demonstration of intention and ability with business plan, business experience, partnership, visits, finances

LMIA Owner-Operator Programs
Owner-Operator LMIA is a program that is not well known to the public and yet it is a great opportunity for people to work and potentially immigrate to Canada. Federal business programs are very costly and Provincial Business Programs can meet its quota quickly and be closed for applications. Owner-Operator LMIA can let the investor first come to Canada as a managing partner of their business and open the door to immigration as skilled worker. If you are looking to buy into an existing Canadian business or looking to start a business in Canada, come talk to us. We will help you explore all your options and help you choose the right path for you and your business.