Reuniting with family in Canada
Canada offers many programs to help people be reunited with their family and loved ones. If you meet the following requirements you may be eligible to sponsor your family to Canada.​
  • 18 years of age and older
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Sign an undertaking promising to provide for the basic requirements of the sponsored person(s)
  • Sign an agreement with the sponsored person
  • Meet the LICO for the past 12 months, except to sponsor a dependent child who has no dependent child, an adopted person under age 18 or spouse, common-law partner or conjugal parter with no dependent child or with dependent child who has no dependent child
  • In case of Parent & Grandparent Program (PGP) meet the LICO + 30% for 3 previous taxation years (only Revenue Canada proof will be accepted)
The length of undertaking and the amount of income to sponsor are different from program to program. Let us accurately assess your eligibility and show you how you can be reunited with your family in Canada.
*Parents & Grandparents Program (PGP) randomly selects 10,000 applications per year. Only the selected applicants will be able to sponsor their parent or grand parent(s).
Parents & Grandparents Super Visa
Parents and grandparents can apply to receive a Super Visa to come and be reunited with their family in Canada. Super visa is a multiple entry visa that allows parents and/or grandparents to enter Canada as a long term visitor. Super visa holders may stay in Canada for up to 2 years on their initial entry, and the visa is valid for up to 10 years. The processing time is much shorter than the PGP program.