What is an LMIA?

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document that an employer in Canada needs to get before hiring a foreign worker. A positive LMIA will show that there is a need for a foreign worker to fill the job. It will also show that no Canadian worker is available to do the job.

The idea behind the Labour Market Impact Assessment is to protect the Canadian labour market. It is the government's way of regulating and insuring that there are enough jobs for Canadians. Also when it is determined that there is a labour shortage, allowing the employer to recruit the necessary people to continue and grow their business. In order to receive a positive LMIA a Canadian employer has to prove that there is an immediate and acute labour shortage. 

We know how hard it is to run a business. Believe it or not, labour shortage is often the number one reason behind the failure of a business. There are many employers who work their heart and soul, day in and day out, just to close their business a few years later due to fatigue and health problems. We believe in helping employers, providing them with the right tools to continue and grow their business.

Let us help you grow your business. The LMIA process might be long and confusing. Also it is often difficult to prove that you are experiencing a labour shortage in a tangible and concrete way. We are the experts. Let us help.

SPARK Advantage

When it comes to Labour Market Impact Assessments, we are the experts. We have the experience working with many employers in many different fields. If you would like to get a straight advice from an expert who is experienced and knowledgeable, click below to complete the free online assessment.

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(1-2 months)

  • Complete the free assessment

  • Initial consultation with our experts

  • Conduct appropriate research

  • Gather documentations and evidence

  • Prepare the application


(depends on processing time)

  • Submit application to  Employment Social Development Canada with all the necessary documents


(30 - 60 mins)

  • Review the application 

  • Prepare necessary documents for the interview

  • Attend the interview prepared to present your case