Translating Documents

We work with many talented translators in many different languages. If you need you document translated for IRCC or PNP we can help!


Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) requires many documents to be commissioned before they are submitted. We can help you commission documents and certify true copy of the original documents for all immigration purposes.

  • Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union 

  • Translator Affidavit

  • Letter of Invitation

  • Travel Consent Form

  • Custodianship Declaration

  • Guardian Declaration

  • Administering Oath

  • Taking Affidavits

  • Affirmations & Declarations

Commissioning Documents
  • Certify true copy Passport

  • Certify true copy Driver's license

  • Certify true copy Birth Certificates

  • Certify true copy Marriage Certificates

  • Certify true copy Death Certificates

  • Certify true copy National ID

  • Certify true copy Family/Household Registry/Book

  • Certify true copy Civil Status Documents


Commissioning Documents

Certify True Copy


$25 / Document

$25 for the first document, $10 for every document after

$30 / Page